The Impact of using Video on Content Marketing

It is known as a fact that markets have gained more power than ever. The consumer is getting cleverer by the second and is using that intelligence to make smarter purchases by investigating through their peers or data available online before heading to his preferred point of sale. This is why many companies are including content marketing as part of their marketing efforts. It is important for enterprises to ensure that when possible consumers are looking them up, they will easily find accurate information the target needs to make the pursued choice. And it works!

Credits: Aberdeen Group

Credits: Aberdeen Group

According to a study made by the Aberdeen Group, brands that implement video as part of their Content Marketing Strategy report higher effectiveness than those who don’t. This happens because video attracts the attention of the possible consumer, it provides the opportunity of offering a great customer experience and it also gives a valuable tool in Social Media. Brands that implement a TV Channel or a Video Gallery in their website tend to experience higher time on site from the visitors, more content virality and better conversion rate.

As mentioned in Brightcove’s Webinar, marketers are being creative upon the challenge of achieving greater goals with fewer resources.  Video is one of the most effective approaches and that’s why it’s highly recommended to use it as part of the Content Marketing Strategy in order to get satisfying results.


One thought on “The Impact of using Video on Content Marketing

  1. moralesgardenc says:

    I totally agree with this, humans tend to be more visual and that’s why they get easily engaged in campaigns that use this resource, that is why the television keeps on being the best source to explain people the means of a campaign. Awesome point of view! I will stay tuned 🙂

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