4 Tips that will help you boost the engagement of your fanpage organically

FBWe all know that it is a must for many enterprises and brands to plunge in the Social Media trend and start joining the conversation but for many, managing an online community could be a headache.  In the following lines I will share with you some practices that have helped me improve the engagement of several fanpages on Facebook.

Study your audience

Get to know your public, starting with your current fans. How old are they? Where do they live? When do they go online? Knowing these facts will help you develop the correct voice for your fanpage and will indicate you when your posts would achieve highest reach levels.

Try posting different content

There are no rules and formulas that could indicate you what kind of content will work best for you. Experiment posting about different subjects that are aligned with your product/service but also that may interest your public (who you already know by now) and evaluate the results.

Be relevant

Remember that most of the time it is more valuable to create long-term relationships with your prospects than achieving short-term sales objectives. That’s why, in order to develop that continuous contact, you must provide information that your public consider relevant and will want to keep on receiving. This will not only help you build the pursued relationship, but will also help you maintain your fanbase and make it grow through their friends.

Create shareable graphics

It is a fact that image posts deliver more results than text alone and the more likes, comments and shares the posts gets, the more it will be exposed to a more robust audience.

So basically, to generate action from your target audience, you must first get to know them to be able to tell them a story that they will like to hear and share in the right moment. By applying these practices, you will improve the results you are currently obtaining on your fanpage.


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