What Should I Know About PPC Campaigns?

US Digital Ad Spending By Format - eMarketerIt is a fact that Search is the Online Advertising format with the most important investing percent of all options available but why is this happening? Well, basically because it works. If you have a short or medium term direct response goal such as getting prospect consumers to visit your website, acquire their information by leading them to fill a form, induce them to email or call you to ask more information or even raise the number of purchases being completed on your site, then a PPC Campaign is the way to go.

As in these cases the goal is to generate clicks on the ad, the PPC advertising model (also known as CPC) consists on paying the publisher per each click received on the ad. The Cost per Click could be determined either on a bid based model or a flat rate model. Google is the most used platform to develop these campaigns but there are many other channels such as Bing, Yahoo, Chitika, etc.

To develop a PPC Campaign basically consists on the following process:

1. Determine your conversion.

Set a goal and assign an economic value for each time this goal is achieved. If the conversion is not a financial transaction, this rate can be based on how much this action is worth for you.

2. Prepare your tools.

A PPC campaign mainly needs three components.

  • An efficient list of keywords that is pertinent to your target and related to your content and/or offerings.
  • Attractive text ads that are relevant to the query and will motivate prospect customers to access your website.
  • An efficient landing page that offers an easy user experience (and an easy conversion) that is related to the keywords and the ads.

3. Launch your campaign.

Set your budget, start and ending dates and watch your campaign go live.

4. Monitor. Optimize. Measure.

You must keep track and make adjustments on your campaign on an everyday basis to boost your PPC performance, especially by improving your CTR and lowering your CPC.

As you can see, there’s a lot to take in consideration before launching a PPC campaign so be prepared to invest an important amount of time on this or hire a search strategist to help you out. Either way, properly conducted PPC campaigns work!


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