Mobile Purchases in LATAM

I decided to post this blog post in honor to my working years in Latin America. I’ve been part of the growth of Online Advertising in the region (specifically in the Dominican Republic) and I believe that advertisers should know what is trending in the Hispanic market, especially for those who manage global brands.

Mobile Marketing Latam

eMarketer – Mobile Purchases LATAM

Right now, purchases via mobile are one of the hottest trends in Latin America. According to a study done by SAP on September 2013, 4 in 10 mobile phone users in Latin America have made a purchase via mobile. This means that Latin America is only 18% away to reaching US current stats. The same study also discovered that almost all the consumers that have not used mobile for shopping yet are interested on trying it.

This trend is very promising, having in mind that a few months ago Gartner stated that smartphone sales in Latin America reached more than 16 million units, which represent an increase of 55% compared to 2012 stats and the most impressive growth rates are being registered in Brazil, Mexico and Peru.

This means that smartphone web traffic and sales will continue to rise and every business targeting the LATAM market should consider having a mobile friendly website that offers great user experience and allows users to achieve conversion effortlessly.


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