Is it really necessary to be in social media?

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Source: Social Media Frontiers

Even if you find it hard to believe, there are many businesses still asking themselves if Social Media is really that important for them. In this post, I wont just tell you yes, you have to be there, I will show you why you should.

Social Networks came in to stay. They arouse one by one and changed the way of communicating. These channels give the users the opportunity of keeping up with those who live far, creating communities with unknown people with their same interests and even finding their better half.

Some of these communities are more robust than some countries. Facebook is the biggest online community with an actual number of 1 billion active users around the world. Twitter and Google+ are situated in second place, both with 500 million active users. LinkedIn is the most important professional networking site, with 200 million active users.

Total time spent in Social Media increased 37% in the US last year and their time on site are longer than any other type of site. This happens because these platforms allow the users to form new friendships and publish information without boundaries in an accessible and inexpensive way.

Business should be in Social Media because their customers are going to talk about them anyways online, so its better to participate in the conversation. These channels allow enterprises to attract new customers, establish relationships with actual consumers and receive ideas and ways of improvement through comments and complaints. Some authors even say that Social Media humanizes brands, gives them a voice and a real personality.

We can conclude that Social Media is not only a trend it’s a reality. It should be taken seriously and managed by experienced professionals.


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